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The true Neapolitan pizza, strictly cooked in a wood-fired oven, can be savored in Naples, at the historic location on Via da Caravaggio, 33 at Ferrillo PIZZA A I PIANI ALTI, and in Playa Honda, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, at Calle de Mayor, 6 at MAMMA MI’, Pizzeria & Neapolitan Tradition, thanks to the skill of Maurizio Ferrillo, formerly in Naples and now in Playa Honda. The typical Neapolitan fried specialties and first courses, prepared by the skilled hands of his wife Stefania, are also unmatched. Completing the journey of quality, tradition, and innovation is the flair, professionalism, and passion with which Fabrizio Vaio manages the dining room.

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Tradition and Innovation

Maurizio Ferrillo has mastered the art of true Neapolitan pizza, turning it into a lifelong passion even before realizing that embodying the role of a Neapolitan Master Pizzaiolo would align so perfectly with his innermost self. Always attentive to the utmost respect for traditions, Maurizio Ferrillo embraces innovation solely through constant and careful research for quality products and ingredients that embody his history and his land. Similarly, Fabrizio Vaio, having trained as a Neapolitan Master Pizzaiolo under the guidance of Maurizio Ferrillo, decided to specialize as a Restaurant Manager, while also not hesitating to “knead with four hands” alongside his Master.

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In Naples, just like in Playa Honda, the watchword is: TOTAL QUALITY. The continuous search for certified and 100% Italian ingredients represents the daily challenge won to make the true Neapolitan pizza known and loved, in its most authentic sense and in conjunction with the selection of locally sourced products, resulting from new collaborations with small local businesses in the Canaries.

The encounter between these two territories, symbolically united by two volcanoes, has allowed the creation of an eno-gastronomic context where knowledge and flavors blend inseparably, offering customers the highest expression of Italian taste and a system that makes Italy appreciated worldwide.

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