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The constant search for and use of 100% premium Italian ingredients are the best calling card for Neapolitan Master Pizzaiolo Maurizio Ferrillo.

The perfect union between the finest Italian gastronomic excellences and locally sourced Canarian products at Km 0 allows Maurizio Ferrillo to always serve the “best face” of the most beloved food by both young and old in every corner of the planet.

To truly embody QUALITY as an all-encompassing project, Maurizio Ferrillo, his wife Stefania, and Fabrizio Vaio commit themselves daily to conceive, propose, and offer a familial and festive experience that combines the excellence of authentic Neapolitan pizza with the taste and passion of enjoyable moments together, creating an environment where all senses are engaged and involved to ensure well-being.

New challenges, a new adventure, new dreams, lifelong passions, and the confirmation of the excellence in using 100% Italian products, in fruitful synergy with locally sourced Canarian products; this is the essence of Pizzeria Mamma Mì Pizza & Neapolitan Tradition today.


Our suppliers and products are 100% Italian.

We are on a wonderful island, Lanzarote, which reminds us so much of the beauties of our Italy and our homeland, Naples. It is an island defined as an Ultra Peripheral Region according to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, due to its geographical characteristics, including remoteness, insularity, small size, and difficulties in commercial flows.

For these reasons, we strive for the goal of EXCELLENCE in consistently sourcing and supplying 100% Italian raw materials and products. This is made possible thanks to the presence and virtuous collaboration of our suppliers, to whom we extend our heartfelt THANKS!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Acqua Panna

Acqua S.Pellegrino

Craft Beers 100% Napoletane KBirr

Pastificio Rummo

Pastificio La Molisana

Pastificio De Cecco

Salumi Clai

Salumi Coati

Latticini Sori'

Farina Mulino Caputo

Parmigiano Reggiano DOP


The 100% Campanian specialties

Cicoli Napoletani



Pomodorini gialli del Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP


Canarian products at 0 km

For me, it was the most beautiful place on Earth. And I realized that if they were able to see it through my eyes, then they would have thought of it as I did.”

These heartfelt words were spoken by Cesar Manrique to describe the island of Lanzarote, a volcanic atoll, whose emerged land is barren yet enchantingly fertile. Local products at 0 Km: basil, arugula, red cherry tomatoes, pumpkin, and also veal and pork from free-range farms, perfectly complement the diverse menu, creating unique and unmistakable flavor synergies.