We have achieved the Marchio Ospitalità Italiana.

We are very pleased to share with all of you this result that makes us proud: our pizzeria has achieved the recognition of the Marchio Ospitalità Italiana – Pizzerie Italiane nel Mondo award from the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Spain, in collaboration with Unioncamere and ISNART, the National Institute of Tourism Research.

Many pizzerias claim to be “Italian,” but how many of them can truly demonstrate it? We have upheld our commitment and have presented you with the excellence of authentic Neapolitan pizza, and we have succeeded in offering you an authentic experience.

And today, our commitment has been officially recognized.

Ospitalità Italiana identifies us as “Ambassadors” of Italian taste, thanks to our ability to promote the art of fermentation, the uniqueness, and the genuineness of Italian food and wine culture beyond national borders, guaranteeing respect for detailed standards of excellent quality.

Our main characteristic, Italian authenticity, is evident in everything we do: from the choice of 100% Italian ingredients to the pizza handling methodology, to table service, masterfully coordinated by Mr. Fabrizio Vaio, co-owner of the pizzeria and head waiter, to the style of our establishment. In our pizzeria, you will find original Italian products, not imitations; you will discover the genuine taste of true Neapolitan pizza, not false extravagances; you will immerse yourself in a flavor journey with fried foods and first courses, reflecting the most authentic Neapolitan tradition.

Neapolitan Maestro Pizzaiolo Maurizio Ferrillo preserves the know-how, techniques, and methods of tradition. Here, appreciating every member of our team, you can experience true Italian hospitality and conviviality, in a perfect and contemporary style of “Living Italian-style.” All our efforts are aimed at offering you, in the most authentic way, a bite of good food and the art that surrounds every table in our Belpaese, with particular attention and focus on the knowledge and flavors of the most authentic Neapolitan tradition; beyond that, in a word, to enhance a product of excellence of Made in Italy, such as Neapolitan pizza, and Italian cuisine.